5. Funding the stakepool account

To be able to create a stakepool, and pledge to your stakepool, you will need tADA. Now this is why you will be creating a stakepool account, to allow you to move funds to your stakepool.

5.1 In the second terminal tab you opened in step 4.3, execute

curl -sLOJ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/input-output-hk/jormungandr-qa/master/scripts/createAddress.sh

Make sur to be in the right folder with cd ./Downloads/stakepool.

If it doesn't work because the curl command is not found, execute sudo apt install curl in your terminal. Enter your password, then press "Y".

5.2 Now execute

chmod +x createAddress.sh

5.3 Then execute

./createAddress.sh account | tee stakepool_owner_account.txt

This command will create a private and public key, and an address. It's saved in the "stakepool_owner_account.txt" file, which you will be able to find in the "stakepool" folder. Make sure not to delete this file, otherwise you will lose all your funds.

5.4 You can now send tADA to your address

Before sending tADA to your address, make sure to check in the "stakepool" folder that the "stakepool_owner_account.txt" file has been created and that the private and public key and the address are similar than those shown in your terminal.

You will need 500 tADA to generate a stakepool certificate, and ideally you should send as much tADA as possible to your address, because this will be used to pledge to your stakepool. The more you pledge, the better.

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