8. Pledging to your stakepool

In this part of the guide, you will learn how to pledge to your stakepool. Pledging means delegating from the stakepool address tADA to the stakepool. It's used to see if the operators are trustworthy, because the more money you delegate to your own stakepool, the more confident you have to be in the profitability and success of your pool. Besides, it's also used to limit the amount of pools someone can create, because you should have the biggest amount of tADA pledged as possible, and this is not possible if you have 20 stakepools for example.

8.1 Execute the following commands in the right order in your second Terminal tab

curl -sLOJ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/input-output-hk/jormungandr-qa/master/scripts/delegate-account.sh
chmod +x delegate-account.sh

8.2 It's now time to delegate your remaining tADA to your stakepool, you can do this with the following command

./delegate-account.sh yourstakepoolid 3100 PRIVATE_KEY_SK

Replace yourstakepoolid with the ID of your stakepool you created in step 6.3 and replace PRIVATE_KEY_SK with the private key in the "stakepool_owner_account.txt" file.

You can't choose how much you want to delegate to your stakepool, this command will automatically delegate the remaining tADA available in your address.

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