3. Setting up the node

In this step you will be setting up the node with Jormungandr, the config file, and the genesis-hash. You can compare Jormungandr to an engine, it's the node, but without additional stuff like the config file and genesis hash, it won't work. Why? Because the config file allows the node to "communicate" with the network. Think of it as your list of contacts. If you don't have one, well you will not be able to reach these people. Though, if you have one, you will be able to reach them in a matter of seconds. In this case, it's exactly the same situation. Regarding the genesis hash, it tells Jormungandr where the blockchain started, which allows your node to be fully synchronized with the network.

3.1 Open your browser and go to this page

3.11 Click on the link which ends with "linux-gnu.tar.gz"

3.12 Go the terminal by clicking on the 9 dots on the left of the screen

3.13 Search open "terminal"

3.14 Execute cd Downloads in your terminal

3.15 Open your terminal and execute the following commande:

tar -xzvf nameofthefileyoujustdownloaded

3.16 Close the terminal and go to "Files"

3.17 Go to "Downloads, create a new folder called stakepool and place jcli and jormungandr in it

3.2 Open the terminal and executecd ./Downloads/stakepool

3.21 Execute ./jcli -V it should return you something like "jcli 0.8.9"

3.3 Open your browser and go to https://bit.ly/2TCis5h

3.31 Clik on "config" in the "itn_rewards_v1" cluster

3.32 Place the .yaml file you just downloaded in the "stakepool "folder

3.33 Now double-click on the .yaml file

3.34 Change the values for "blocks" and "messages" in "p2p" to "high"

3.35 Add the following to the p2p section:

"listen_address": "/ip4/",
"public_address": "/ip4/yourIPaddress/tcp/3000",

Make sure to change the IP for "public_address".

3.36 And just above the p2p section, add the following

"storage": "./storage/",

Your .yaml file should look like this:

Don't forget to click on the "save" button, otherwise it will remain as it was before.

This is the basic config.yaml file configuration provided by IOHK. Though, we are personally using the configuration from Chris Graffagnino, which you can find in step 10.5 of the guide.

3.4 Go to the terminal, execute cd ./Downloads/stakepool and then execute

touch genesis-hash.txt

3.41 Go to this page and copy the genesis hash

3.42 Now go back to the terminal and and execute

nano genesis-hash.txt

3.43 Now paste the genesis hash you just copied in the editor

3.44 To save the file, press "ctrl + o" at the same time, click enter and then leave the editor with "ctrl + x"

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