4. Starting the node

Well, this is pretty clear. In this part of the guide you will be starting the node. Simply put, the stakepool you will be creating later will be based on this node. Your node is the foundation of your stakepool.

4.1 Go to your "stakepool" folder in the terminal with cd ./Downloads/stakepool

4.2 Execute the following command:

./jormungandr --genesis-block-hash $(cat genesis-hash.txt) --config ./itn_rewards_v1-config.yaml

These are not two separate commands, make sure to execute the whole command.

In the command above, the .yaml file (config) is called "itn_rewards_v1-config.yaml" because that's how it's currently named when you download it on the configuration page, though, make sure it's the same, otherwise you will encounter problems.

4.3 Once the node starts running, it will take up to an hour before the bootstrap phase is finished, you can track the progress by opening a second Terminal tab and executing the following command:

./jcli rest v0 node stats get --host ""

When using the terminal, make sure to allways be in the right folder, otherwise you will encounter problems.

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